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The Best News Post EVAH

2008-08-16 17:46:35 by Superawesomeness

Okay so, I just recently released a new flash, called Splash Of Color, go check it out. It did better then I thought it would.

I'm also working on another movie, based off it. Its a super hero movie I'm working on with an awesome voice actor ( HavekReekel ). He does all the voices, its really amazing. So yeah, expect that soon.

And also, news on the Ninja Collab. We're ALMOST done. 2 people are working very hard on their parts and we'll get this thing released by the end of next week. I swear!

Until then, random drawing I made. I actually made an animation using these drawings, its not done yet, and I don't plan on finishing it.

The Best News Post EVAH


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2008-08-16 18:17:09

Awesome, sorry to hear you have to start skool so soon man, i don't have to go back till october : )

Superawesomeness responds:

Your lucky :P


2008-08-20 08:53:37

Tell them to hurry up, I want to see it now!


2008-08-20 15:51:34

great art!!


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