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I have finally completed the sequel so please go watch it and vote!!!

The Bouncer

Its R and B trying to get past a bouncer. Please go watch, vote, and leave a review!!!

50 Frames Collab 2!!!

2007-11-18 15:41:55 by Superawesomeness

50 Frames Collab 2

The movie is finally out! We worked very hard on this and we hope you all enjoy it! Go watch!

Okay so I started doing some more work on it. So far I only have "1 attempt" finished but I should have some more done soon. It might not be released as soon as I hoped, but I have the ENTIRE WEEK OFF next week, so I can get tons of work done on it.

The official title will not be "Break The Walls Down!2". I havn't thought of a title yet. Its not about a wall this time though, something tottaly different this time. I'm not gonna tell the plot yet, but heres a little screen shot:

Screen shot

Thanks for everyone that voted on the first one and left a review. Remember to go watch the 1st one!
And also if any of you know about the 50 Frame Collab 2, I'm in it and it will have "Break The Walls Down!" in it. The part I made for the 50 Frame Collab 2 is how "Break The Walls Down!" started. It was just some random little 50 frame animation that turned into my greatest movie ever! Thanks again to you guys that voted.


Sequel To "Break The Walls Down!" in the works!

2007-11-12 17:29:16 by Superawesomeness

Thats right. The sequel to "Break The Walls Down!" has been started. I'm probobly gonna have it done by Friday or Saturday, because of school, I don't have a lot of time to work on it. But so far its coming along nicely. No details though, I don't want to spoil the plot at all. But in the meantime, go go watch "Break The Walls Down!" and vote on it please.
Also I wanna thank everyone who voted and left a review, the movie didn't get a trophy, but it got runner up #7! Thats the best score I've ever gotten on a solo movie ever.

Also update on the 50 frame collab 2:
Its nearly complete! From what I know it will most likely be released this week. Work on the menus and bios are being done. Hope you guys like it, we worked hard on it.


Break the Walls Down!!

2007-11-10 21:31:41 by Superawesomeness

My newest flash movie, "Break Down The Walls! has been released, so please go watch it! The score so far is 3.60, so please vote!

And look for the 50 Frame Collab 2 soon, and go watch the original! It should be out soon.

Remember to go to the official Ninja Mart website to watch all of my series with ElNino called Ninja Mart. Episode 12 was recently released, so go watch that too!

Yes thats right. Ninja Mart 13 is now in its writing stage. We have no more information at the moment to tell you guys, since we only have a menu and pre-loader, and we are still writing it. Look for it later this month on here and at the official Ninja Mart website!

And remember to watch A Ninja Mart Halloween (Also known as Ninja Mart 12) and if you havn't already, vote, and if you can, leave a review. We love to hear everyones feedback!

Thats it for now, remember to check back here every once and awhile to see new news about Ninja Mart.

Me and ElninoNM's 12th episode of Ninja Mart has just been released! Please go watch it here and vote 5!

2 Hour Time Trial Collab III

2007-10-28 16:38:12 by Superawesomeness

The 3rd and final 2 Hour Time Trial Collab is finished and we need your votes! Please go watch it and vote, we worked hard on this! So go and please watch and vote! We want this collab to be remembered, so please vote!


2007-10-16 20:13:05 by Superawesomeness

The new collab I participated in has been released, please go watch and vote! The 50 frame collab!!!